Saturday, March 10, 2012

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

I'm speechless. The two cartooons linked to the last paragraph of this Washington Monthly piece are absolutely awful, but newspapers didn't have any problem running them. WTH? 

(Note: I just researched both cartoons, one comes from Mike Lester at Rome News-Tribune (Rome, GA) and the other comes from Gary McCoy of Cagle Cartoons - a Cartoon service that syndicates to 850 newspapers). 

So, these are appropriate for publication but Doonesbury is not? Why NOT? Doonesbury has faced controversial subjects before and was still run during those times. Now a bunch of newspapers say they won't run the Doonesbury cartoon, but why not? Is it because it is Pro-Woman? Hmmmm!  I'm going to post these ugly examples  in all their horrendous glory. I hope the artists of these two pieces are proud of themselves. I am aware of them now and will continue to keep an eye on them. 


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